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Right on time

Trying to get that extra sleep you need while commuting to work, school, university or wherever? Always getting tired on long train or bus travels? No longer fear missing your destination while you are asleep: SleepyMe will wake you up right on time and never too late! But even better: SleepyMe won't wake you up too early, because if you are like us, you know every second of sleep counts!

Sleepy me only rings the alarm when you finally approach your destination and makes traffic jams and unexpected train stops your friend.

How does it work?

SleepyMy makes use of so called geofencing, that is a circle is drawn around your destination. Whenever your phone enters this region, SleepyMe fires an alert.

  • Choose your destination
  • Set the distance to your destination where SleepyMy should fire
  • Start the alarm clock
  • Sleep and relax until SleepyMe rings


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